Four sets of twins delivered at CPMC in 2017

Submitted by Kate Stephens
2017 proved to be a busy year for the Obstet-rics Department and de-livery team at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.
Between Jan. 1, 2017 and Dec. 31, 2017, 112 babies were brought into the world at CPMC. While this number is in line with previous annual deliveries at the medical center, what was truly outstand-ing is that eight of those babies were twins.
“It’s always exciting when we have the privi-lege to assist bringing ba-bies into the world; it is a true team effort to make everything run as smooth-ly as possible while meet-ing the needs of the moth-ers and their newborns.” stated Kimberlee Rebo, RN and Acute Care Man-ager at CPMC.
“With twin deliveries, it instantly doubles the number of team members needed to help make the transition smooth for the new family. We usually have one set of twins eve-ry year or year and half, and we’re always excited about it. To deliver sever-al sets of twins in a 12 month period is a true joy for our delivery team here at CPMC.”
Four sets of twins were delivered from May through Sept., making the second half of the year extra special for the Cabi-net Peaks Medical Center Obstetrics Department and its staff.
Kate Stephens, Mar-keting Manager at Cabinet Peaks was also thrilled about the event.
“The birth of a new baby is one of the happi-est occurrences in the day to day life in a medical center, and the birth of healthy twins truly dou-bles the joy. To be able to celebrate the delight of that four times in one year is truly exceptional.”

Like every other fami-ly who chooses Cabinet Peaks Medical Center to help them add to their families, each of these babies received an “I was born at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center” onsie; a hand stitched baby blan-ket created by the CPMC Auxiliary, and a baby hat knitted by local volun-teers. Their families were also given a free newborn baby photo of their little ones.
For more information on the birthing center at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center or free prenatal classes, contact CPMC at 283-7170.
Twins Eliana and Felicity Byler born at CPMC in 2017. Photo courtesy Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.