A good sign for humanity

When something is hanging over your head it’s usually concerning, but this time, it was a really good sign. The kind of sign that helps restore faith in humanity and looks nice too.
Tammy Brown and Diane St. Onge made a routine trip to their restaurant last Wednesday evening. They were working after hours to put turkeys in the oven for roasted turkey sandwiches when they noticed the sign.
The new Diane’s Diner sign wasn’t ordered or installed by Brown and St. Onge. It was a surprise from Frank and Mimi Harlan.
The couple knew that Diane’s Diner needed a new sign when they left for California last fall. While they were home for the winter, Brown Said, “they had it made and brought it back for us.”
Brown posted “THANK YOU SO MUCH!! WE LOVE IT!!! on Facebook that evening.
Diane’s Diner is located at 201 California Ave. in Libby. They are open for lunch Monday through Friday.
Photo courtesy of Tammy Brow