Kootenai Treasures opens on Mineral Ave.

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Kootenai Treasures


Grand Opening of the new store Kootenai Treasures will be on Thursday, Dec. 9 Kootenai Treasures will be a tourist shop located in the downtown area of Libby located at 501 Mineral Ave.

The store will mainly carry an assortment of locally made art pieces, wooden furniture, antiques, and a gift shop with Libby, Mont. gifts and souvenirs for tourists to take home after their visit to this beautiful country town.

Local artist are welcomed to come and discuss selling their masterpieces on consignment, we are still accepting artist at this time.

The items in the store are a reflection of the skill, quality, creativity, and craftsmanship of the people of this valley; which represents the sawblade in our logo.

Everything about this store has thoughtfully been prepared to reflect the culture and creativity of our Valley. The intricate design of the logo a skill saw blade circling a lush forest with a Sasquatch and a treasure chest in the center was designed to portray our valley as our true precious gem.  The Sasquatch and the chest are not the treasure but the legend and myth, more like the history of this town. The true heart of this valley is the essence of our forest, we the people, and our culture; that is the true treasure.

This is the 3rd store locally for store owner Nicole Rogerson (owner of Kootenai Thrift and Retail Outlet).

Kootenai Thrift and Retail Outlet is located at 505 Mineral Ave Libby, MT 59923 next door to new store Kootenai Treasures was the first store opened in September of 2019.  Kootenai Thrift and Retail Outlet is a wonderful little hometown store that carries just about anything that anyone can ask.

This store is an excellent store to get gifts, toys, home décor, art supplies, clothes, shoes, electronics, and so much more.

Troy-Kootenai Thrift and Retail Outlet was the second store that opened in August of 2021 and is located at 306 N. 3rd Street Troy, MT 59923. This store has mostly the same items as the Libby store, but it also has a whole selection of dollar items.

We added everything from balloons, table clothes, party supplies, art stuff, home decorations, holiday décor, household, clothes, shoes, and so much more. These stores are all a must see.

Nicole Rogerson wants to give a special thanks to my contractor and friend who did an excellent job repairing and restoring this building so that we could open.

“Thank you Hank Maxim and Maxim Construction without all the hard work of you and your crew this dream would not be possible.  Hank will be one of the artists that have made beautiful handcrafted tables that will be for sale in store on December 9. Thank you to all our friends that helped with this project also.”