Work begins on Kaiju Bar & Grill in Libby

By Moira Blazi


Frank Ciccone and family are busy transforming the old Cedars/Torgy’s building into a new Steak and Sushi bar to be named Kaiju Bar and Grill.

Kaiju is the Japanese word for strange beast, or monster.

The Montanian caught them last week lowering the wooden sign to be reimagined, “We are taking a little inspiration from the old Godzilla movies,” Ciccone told The Montanian. “So we’ll be doing some different things with the sushi.”

They will be preparing steaks ‘In the Japanese style.’

They will be  keeping the sports bar atmosphere, but, with a Japanese twist.

For more info, new owner, Frank says to feel free to call him at 208 704-1273.


Photo by Moira Blazi, The Montanian

Dunkle Paul’s Family Fun Center to Open in Libby; Grand

Opening March 12

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The daily admission fee will cover all games, although there will be an extra fee for arts and crafts classes. Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase, along with cotton candy. Kids can get their picture taken with provided props. The daily fee is set at $15, but there is a $3 discount for checking in on social media. See the website at for more details.

Dunkle Paul’s Family Fun Center is having their Grand Opening Saturday March 12 from 11am to 9pm and Sunday March 13 from 12pm to 9pm. The promotional price just for these two days will be $2 per participant if social media check-in is accomplished according to the criteria set on the website above. They are located at 413 W 9th St in Libby, next to Henry’s Restaurant. If you have questions, the phone number is (406) 334-6867. Bring your family and see how much fun Dunkle Paul’s has to offer.

By Karen Morrisette, The Montanian.

City of Libby prepares local food establishments for possible ‘Boil Order’ due to increasing turbidity

The City of Libby water is currently under a health advisory due to increasing levels of turbidity.

With warmer weather, rainfall and snowmelt the level of turbidity is continuing to rise. The City is working diligently to solve this problem. However, it is possible that despite all efforts, they could be required to upgrade to a “Boil Order”

As a licensed food service establishment, you have a specific responsibilities related to water use and service within your business while a boil order is in effect. The following information can help you be prepared.

City water may not be used for table service or food preparation. Use commercial bottled water for all of the following:

  • Table Service
  • Making Beverages
  • Brewing Coffee or Tea
  • Making Ice
  • As an ingredient in the recipe for a menu item
  • Washing fruit and vegetables

Don’t forget that making beverages usually includes any dispensing machines for soft drinks, juices, etc. that mix product concentrate with water. Turn them off and serve bottled or canned beverages for the duration of the boil order.

Turn off the production cycle on any ice machines. If all the ice in a machine was made before a boil order is called the ice may be used. However, if any of the ice in the machine was made after a boil order is in effect all of the ice must be discarded.

City water may be used for general cleaning and ware washing during a boil order. Just be sure to use proper levels of sanitizer for all cleaning procedures.

To check the current water status, go to the Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency Facebook page or call the City of Libby at 406-293-2731.

Please contact Kathi Hooper at Lincoln County Department of Environmental Health at 406-283-2440.


Courtesy of the City of Libby