CPMC Foundation announces new board members

The Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Foundation is thrilled to be announcing the addition of four new board members to their group of dedicated volunteers.  Kent Gustin, Zach Sherbo, Boyd White, and Molly Woodruff joined the board this April, taking the seats of Kaide Dodson, Lora Ercanbrack, Amy Gustin, and Dean Thompson.

“These new board members bring great diversity and a wonderful, fresh perspective to our Foundation Board,” stated Kate Stephens, Executive Director.  “We are pleased they all realize how vital healthcare is to our community, and feel it’s important enough to dedicate their time and talents to raise dollars which will provide the people of Lincoln County with the best medical care possible.”

Here’s a bit more about each of them.

Kent Gustin is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.  He and his wife moved to Libby 5 years ago, and have been active in the community ever since, supporting the local schools and medical center, boy scouts, and habitat for humanity, just to name a few.   Kent has also been known to volunteer his time donating fire wood to local people in need.  Kent served in the United States Navy and the Army Reserve, and was a logger before settling into his career in medicine.

When asked what excites him most about being a part of the Cabinet Peaks family, Kent answered: “Its strong commitment to provide the highest quality health care to our community and the level of professionalism that is the standard at this hospital.”

Zach Sherbo has lived in Libby with his family for just under 1 year.  New career opportunities, along with the chance to live in one of the most beautiful small towns in the state drew them to the area.  Zach works for the State of Montana with Adult Protective Services.  Wherever he has lived, community involvement is something that has always driven him.  Before moving to Libby, Zach was on the Mavericks Legion Baseball Board, and coached the Mount Sentinel Little League team.  He was also the Director of Campus Recreational Youth Camps at the University of MT.  Here in Libby, he coaches little league and is a member of the Turner Mountain Ski Patrol.  Zach and his wife Taryn have three children – Rowen (9), Charlotte (5), and Rocklyn (16 months).

When asked what excites him most about being a part of the Cabinet Peaks family, Zach answered: “I am looking forward to being involved in the community, meeting others, and learning.”

Boyd White has lived and served in Lincoln County most of his life.  His parents moved to the area in 1969 so that his father could work in the booming timber industry.  Boyd followed his lead and worked in the saw mill and plywood plant for 13 years.  He was hired by the Libby City Police Department in 2001 and transferred to the Sheriff’s Department in 2004.  Boyd spent the first 5 years of his career as a patrol officer, then 6 years as a Detective, primarily working drug cases.  He recently transferred back to patrol and is currently a Sergeant with the department.   Boyd is married to his high school sweet heart and wife of 28 years, Shala.  Together they have two daughters, Kayla and Brook; and are the proud grandparents of 3 young boys.

When asked what excites him most about being part of the Cabinet Peaks family, Boyd answered: “I am most excited about the opportunity to work toward adding or updating equipment that will prevent people from having to travel for medical care, and helping our medical staff provide the best care possible to the citizens of this community.”

Molly Matthews Woodruff was born and raised right here in Libby where her father, Dr. William Matthews, was a physician.  After graduating from Libby High School, Molly left home for college and her career as a teacher.  She and her husband, George, recently bought their dream house and returned to the area after 40 years in Washington State.  Molly has always been involved in the communities she’s inhabited through music, theatre, children’s activities, and fundraising.  She currently owns her own specialty cookie company called The Molly Baby Baking Company.  She and her husband also have 6 grown children.

When asked what excites her most about being part of the Cabinet Peaks family, Molly answered: “Giving back to and being involved in my beloved hometown.  Growing up in Libby, I had the support of many wonderful people and many opportunities, and now I have the opportunity to support and provide more opportunities for others!”

For more information on the Foundation, contact Kate Stephens at 283-7140 or kstep@cabinetpeaks.org. Photos courtesy Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Foundation.