CPMC manager earns nursing certification

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Sydney Williams

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center is proud to announce the certification of Acute Care Manager, Kimberlee Rebo, RN, CMSRN as a Certified Medical Surgical Registered Nurse.

The CMSRN exam requires an RN to have practiced at least two years in the medical surgical setting, and have at least 2,000 hours of practice in the last three years in that medical surgical setting. Medical surgical nurses are the largest nursing specialty in the United Stated, providing care to a wide variety of patients across the continuum of care.

“I was inspired long ago to pursue certification and showcase the benefits of leading by example. The community of Lincoln County is my family and I want to continue to encourage and inspire those that provide care to my family by setting an example.”  Rebo continued, “As a leader at CPMC it is my role to set the standard of care that we provide to our patients. Patients can feel confident that the nurse caring for them is providing safe, responsible, competent care. As their leader, I expect my team to perform well and know that it truly does benefit everyone involved, from patients to families, to the clinical team as a whole.”

“Additionally employing certified nurses validates to patients and families that CPMC nursing staff has obtained a high level of experience, knowledge, and skill set. It further reinforces the commitment our medical center has to providing quality, compassionate care to its patients and community.” Rebo added.

Kimberlee Rebo joined the nursing staff at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center two years ago, and has been providing care as a Registered Nurse for six years.