Gracious Table’s new location

Right: Mandy Bell, owner of Gracious Table, poses in front of her new commercial freezer and refrigerator at her new location, 1449 Minnesota Ave., the former site of Malissa’s bakery next door to Granite Pharmacy in Libby.

Bell told The Montanian that at first her new freezer arrived cosmetically damaged but still working, and the manufacturer replaced it, so she was able to donate to the original one to the food bank.

Bell provides personal chef services, offers specialty dinners twice monthly, and caters special events at her new location. Now that she has a large commercial kitchen she also plans to add cooking classes twice monthly. Participants will learn to prepare the various dishes, eat with their classmates onsite, and take home the recipes, Bell said. Cooking classes will be $35 per person. In addition, she is considering a doughnut and pastry day which would be on Friday mornings, and she could serve people through her  drive up window. Bell will post more on social media as her plans solidify. For now, she is settling in and preparing to cater the upcoming Rotary Beer and Wine Tasting on March 8.