Kootenai Country Montana Foundation helps with 3-D Mammogram

The Kootenai Country Montana Foundation last week donated $829 to support Cabinet Peaks Medical Center’s cam-paign to purchase a new 3-D mammogram machine.
“We are incredibly grateful to the Kootenai Country Montana Founda-tion for choosing to sup-port our 3D Mammogra-phy campaign,” said Cabi-net Peaks Medical Center Foundation executive di-rector Kate Stephens, “Every penny gets us one step closer to bringing this cutting edge and life-saving technology to South Lincoln County, and the Foundation is hum-bled by the support we are already receiving. Dig-ital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) creates three-dimensional pictures of the breast using x-rays. This is why we all it 3D Mammography. The test takes multiple X-ray pic-tures of the breast from many angles, which pro-vides the physician with greater detailed images. These enhanced images allow 3D mammograms to find cancers missed by conventional mammogra-phy and detect cancers earlier. It’s been estimat-ed that up to 2 additional cancers will be identified annually for Cabinet Peaks Medical Center pa-tient with this new tech-nology.”
“Everything we do at Kootenai Country Mon-tana, from the magazine to the gallery to our events, is about helping to build up this wonderful community,” Kootenai Country Montana director Bob Henline said. “We are thrilled to be helping Cab-inet Peaks Medical Center obtain a new piece of equipment that can help detect cancer earlier and give patients a better fighting chance. This is something that will bene-fit our entire community, and we’re glad to be able to help.”

Kootenai Country Montana is an organiza-tion dedicated to the pro-motion of tourism and community development in Lincoln County, Mon-tana. The organization publishes a quarterly magazine focused on at-tracting new visitors to the area, organizes and produces community events, and provides or-ganizational and financial assistance to local service and charitable organiza-tions through the Koote-nai Country Montana Foundation.

Each month the Koote-nai Country Montana Foundation provides fi-nancial support to a local organization that shares the foundation’s mission to strengthen the commu-nities of Libby, Troy, and Eureka, Montana. The funds are a donation from The Venture Inn of Libby, representing 10 percent of Venture Inn restaurant sales during the final week of the month. The Troy Food Pantry will be the recipient of January’s donation, based upon res-taurant sales between Jan. 25 and Jan. 31, 2018.