City of Libby – Regular Council Meeting #1577
Tuesday, July 6 at 7:00 p.m.
Council Chamber – City Hall, 952 E. Spruce St.

Following routine call to order, announcements, committee reports, and public comment taken on non-agenda items, council will entertain the following list of New Business:

– Cabinet Affordable Housing, LLC to inform
Council of qualifications for property tax
– Adopt Source Water Protection Plan
– Approve mitigation construction on Flower Creek Dam spoils pile.
– Approve Resolution 1984 –
Budget Amendment for FY 21 receiving
ARPA grant. (First Half)
– Approve request for Police radios using
ARPA funds.
– Approve payroll increase for Fire Fighters
and Elected Officials.
– Approve Lauer/Wood Lincoln County Rural
Fire Department contract 2% COLA increase.
– Approve bid for propane.
– Approve bid for fuel.
– Approve bid for crushed aggregates.
– Approve bid for hot mixed asphalt.
– Approve Girod Subdivision.
– Approve payroll claims for June 2021.

For full agenda, archives of Council meeting minutes, and all contact information for the Lincoln County, please visit:


Lincoln County Zero to Five
Kids Corner at Local Markets

Zero to Five will
be hosting a
Kids Corner this Friday, July 9, at the
Troy Farmers
Market from
3:30 – 6:30 p.m. on the lawn of the
Troy Museum.


Working to create a multi-sector,
collaborative that promotes health
and resiliency in children ages 0-5.
All are welcome to join in, play, and learn more

about how
Zero to Five is
working in your community.


Play ensues at the Eureka Market Kids Corner hosted by Zero to Five this past Thursday, July 1.
(Courtesy Photo)


To learn more please visit:


Growing Cost of Building Supplies Leaves Many Underinsured and

At-Risk of Penalties

Insured Property Owners May Lack Sufficient

Coverage for Replacing Property


Helena, Mont. — Commissioner Troy Downing warns the recent increase in the cost of building
materials may leave insured Montanans without
adequate replacement coverage on their property. Losses, even partial, to property not sufficiently
insured could lead to the owner incurring a penalty and receiving only partial payment for loss or
damage. Montanans need to know that the “replacement cost” is what needs to be insured –
not the purchase price.

“Lumber prices were at all-time highs. Consumer prices surged 5% last month, the fastest in over a decade. Everything is getting more expensive; this means your insurance coverage limit may not be
sufficient to cover the replacement costs following a loss,” Commissioner Downing said.

Most commercial and many homeowner policies include a “co-insurance penalty” clause. This states
if a property is insured for less than the replacement cost, a penalty can be added to partial losses – even if that loss is below the coverage amount. In other words, the insurer is only required to pay a fraction of the claim.

“Consider a building insured for $500,000 ─ with the growing price of building materials ─ the building replacement cost is now $1,000,000. With a co-insurance penalty, a business owner encountering
a $50,000 loss may only receive $25,000 from their insurance company.” Downing advises, “Many may not be aware their policies contain these penalty clauses.”

Recently, a business owner in Butte, whose property was underinsured due to rising replacement costs, was impacted by a co-insurance penalty and left to pay out-of-pocket for repairs.

“When inflation and economic variables are
stable, CSI typically advises Montanans to ensure they have adequate coverage yearly when they
renew their policy. The recent economic fluctuations may require property owners to review and
update their coverage.” Commissioner Downing
continues, “Economic factors such as inflation and rising costs of building products may signal it is
time to talk with your agent to ensure you’re fully covered.”

Consumers can contact the Commissioner of
Securities and Insurance, Montana State Auditor,
at 406-444-2040 or go to www.CSIMT.gov with
questions or concerns.


Troy Downing is the Commissioner of Securities
and Insurance, Montana State Auditor.
Commissioner Downing is a two-tour combat veteran, businessman, and entrepreneur.

The Kootenai RC Racers announce Adam and
Ronda Drake to attend 2021 Hot August Showdown

The Kootenai RC Racers are proud to announce that for their 9th annual Hot August Showdown race event, to be held August 5 – 8, champion RC racing power duo Adam and Ronda Drake will be in attendance. Adam and Ronda have a wealth of RC racing and vehicle setup experience and have traveled all over the world attending both on-road and off-road races.

Sponsored by Mugen Seki, Adam and Ronda also run their own online shop and performance RC engine break-in and tuning service. Adam will be giving a two-part drivers’ clinic on the evening of Thursday August 5 and the morning of Friday August 6. This clinic will cover walking the track to discuss layout, suggested driving lines, vehicle review and general setup help, live racing critiques, and Q&A sessions. After the drivers clinic, Adam and Ronda will be racing in the Hot August Showdown with local and regional racers.

Founded in 2013, the Kootenai RC Racers are northwest Montana’s oldest, continuously running RC
racing club. Our members are passionate about RC racing, as well as making a positive impact in the Libby and Lincoln County area. Hot August Showdown, in its ninth year, continues to be one of the longest-running RC dirt track races in Montana. Moving to its new home at Cabinet Mountain RC Raceway in 2020, the event continues to draw in racers from across the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the country. With the addition of Adam and Ronda Drake attending, 2021 is looking to be the event’s biggest year ever.

Developed in partnership with Lincoln County and the Lincoln County Port Authority, Cabinet RC
Raceway is a large-sized, outdoor, dirt RC racetrack. Each year, the Kootenai RC Racers have the layout
rebuilt so it is a new race experience each season. This year’s track layout, built by Chad Dodd, proves to
be a fast, challenging version and should be a great addition to the rough and tumble racing Hot August Showdown has become well known for around the area.

The Kootenai RC Racers are fortunate to have awesome sponsors each and every year that help us
continue to host the Hot August Showdown. For 2021, they are:
• Scheer Bros. Hobbies • TeknoRC • Exotek • Maclan Racing • RAD Designs • Team Associated • Venture Inn
• Country Inn Motel • Libby Volunteer Fire Department

Submitted by KRCR—find more on Facebook: https://facebook.com/kootenaircracers