Wild Woods Inc. roots itself locally to

provide Botox and Personal Care Products

In 2015, Stacey Wood of Libby began delving into the world of manufacturing lotion bars, hand creams, and beard wax. The primary drive behind her ventures at the time was creating products her family could use and better serve their personal care needs.
“I started reading labels and found there were ingredients I couldn’t pronounce or simply didn’t know what they were,” shared Wood in a recent interview. “I did a lot of researching and then began experimenting with different recipes.”
Her first two products, a lotion bar, and a soothing salve for cracked and dry hands were a natural place to start given her work as an RN since 2009 and her family’s business working outdoors in landscaping and concrete work. “A lot of handwashing combined with frequent use of latex gloves by me made the bar and salve a great product to start with.”
Also among products which would come to fruition: a face toner originally made for her teenagers, a beard balm she concocted for her husband, and tooth oil. Each using all-natural ingredients, many organic, and all with common names – “no mystical language that you have to google to figure out.”
Through time and conversation, Stacey’s friends, extended family, and co-workers became curious – then eventually grateful recipients of her product by relation. “You really should be letting us pay you for this,” Wood recalled eventually being told on more than one occasion. It took quite a few months of friendly coaxing, but this past summer Stacey took the advice to heart and Wild Woods Inc. was officially unveiled.
Having received her business license from the Libby City Council on Tuesday, September 7, Wood has been at work bringing her website up to speed, making local product pick-up an option to avoid shipping costs, establishing points of sale on the shelves of local businesses, and settling into an official space at Family Health & Wellness in Libby where she will be utilizing her nursing degree and offering basic Botox services to area residents.
Wood completed her Botox certification this August. Held to standards by the National Board of Nursing, certification for Wood included appropriate training, field-specific education, and supervision on injecting prescribed medication.  Beyond getting certified, Botox professionals in the State of Montana are also responsible for obtaining supervision by a licensed medical practitioner?, committing to ongoing education in the field they choose to practice and renewing their commitment to sound competence in service.
Currently being offered by Wild Woods Inc. to those looking for a tangible change, Botox injections temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. Those seeking services can expect a consultation to discuss areas of concern and a potential treatment plan if services are deemed safe based on past medical history, medications, goals.
A thorough document of frequently asked questions is provided to all Wild Woods Inc. clientele interested in Botox services: What is Botox? Who is eligible for the service? Who should not get Botox? Is it safe? Will it take wrinkles away? What can I expect?
Riki Thompson, FNP-C, of Family Health & Wellness will be serving as the onsite medical practitioner for Wood and her Botox clients.  Thompson and Wood had previously worked together at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center in Libby where Wood was employed for the past 8 years as the employee Health & Education, then Infection Prevention coordinator before stepping down to pursue her next venture.
To learn more about Wild Woods Inc., order products, or to schedule an appointment, please visit Wild Woods Inc. on Instagram, Facebook, or at www.wildwoodsinc.com.  Stacey may also be contacted directly via phone (406) 334 – 4079 or email stacey@wildwoodsinc.com.
Wild Woods Inc. personal care products are currently available for direct purchase at Mountain Meadows and Homesteaders Ranch & Feed in Libby with additional businesses still under contract for distribution.  All products and services offered through Family Health & Wellness are currently being handled by appointment only. Currently on-site on Mondays and Tuesdays, Wood encourages all to call ahead to schedule a window of time and she will be happy to serve you.