Purrfect ending to a pawssible tragedy;
cat is rescued by local businessman

By McKenzie Williams

Rick Kraus owner of  Ricks Total Tree Service took some time out of his busy day to rescue a sweet black cat that had climbed its way far up a tree. The cat was noticed about 40 feet up on Pipe Creek Rd. across from the Red Dog with no color. The kitty had been seen up in the tree since last Sunday, and showed no signs of coming down on its own.

Kraus and his employee Drew Munro didn’t hesitate to help the animal in need. Kraus climbed the 40 feet tree and safely put the kitty in a bag.  He then slowly lowered the cat back to safety. Kraus has even stepped up to take the cat in if no owner is found.

“…He is also an amazing person for coming to the rescue when nobody else would. Cat rescue is not normally in his job description. This cat is also eternally grateful and has to belong to somebody,” wrote Lisa Carpenter in a Facebook post.

Lisa has since found a wonderful home to take him in, and hopefully successfully keep him from climbing too far up in a tree again.

Scammers posing as Flathead Electric


Flathead Electric Cooperative (FEC) wants to advise the public that some members have received fraudulent phone calls and text messages threatening to cut their power off. The imposters ask the consumers to provide a credit card or other financial account information, and personally identifiable information over the phone. One angle of this scam is to say the consumer owes on his or her account and will have service shut off unless payment or payment information is provided immediately. Please do not fall victim to these scams and please help FEC spread the word.

Dome Theater looks to entertain Libby on
opening night of ‘Venom’

The Dome Theater has undergone an extensive exterior remodel and the finish line is in sight. “…New lighting coming! More painting to be done! It’s going to look magnificent when it’s finished” wrote Dome Theater Project on Facebook. Drive by and check it out, or even better enjoy a movie. Photo Courtesy of Dome Theater Project


Its Friday October 1,  in beautiful Libby, the sky is clear and the stars are about to shine. The ticket master at Dome Theater is showing their excitement; and you know, the same could be said about us as we purchase our tickets to, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, on opening night Worldwide.

Are you kidding me? Dome Theater does it once again, they gave us the Number 1 movie in the world on opening night 1400+ miles from Hollywood, California.

As a Marvel fan, I’m absolutely astonished by Dome Theater’s ability to get these movies here in Libby on opening night. I asked management as we were buying our soda’s and a tub of popcorn, how they are accomplishing this, and management only said “strategic planning”.

I love it. As we found our seats you could feel the energy in the theater building up to the start of the movie, then silence took over as the movie starts engaging with the audience.

Now I wont spoil the movie for you so don’t worry about that as you finish out this read. Venom: Let There Be Carnage, is what you expected if you are familiar with the first Venom movie that was released in 2018.  If you’re not familiar with the first movie don’t worry about it, the action, pacing, and excellent comedic timing makes this movie go by in a snap. With only a runtime of 1hr 30min, Venom makes for an excellent movie theater experience with friends, family, or a date.

So with that, don’t miss out on seeing this movie on the big screen here in Libby. Venom: Let There Be Carnage, is rated PG-13 and will be playing again this weekend at the Dome Theater. Oh, and one more thing be sure to stay for the end credit scene.

By Jonathan R. Jameson, The Montanian

Sons of Norway offers
Norwegian language classes

Sons of Norway is offering language classes to anyone 13 years and older. The first class will be held on Saturday, Oct. 16, from 4 until 5:30 p.m. at Hatlen Hall located at 165 Garden Rd. in Libby. Classes will continue to meet on the third Saturday of each month through May of 2022.

For more information call Joe Slaughter, the instructor, at (406) 607-7784 or Dan at 293-3386.

Submitted by Sons of Norway