Amish Farm to Market Store Expands

by Brian Baxter

Assistant manager, Lloyd Miller (left) chats with a staff member during the Grand Opening of the newly expanded Farm to Market Store in Libby, located at 50 Meadowlark Lane.


(Photo by
Brian Baxter,
The Montanian)

The entrance to the new expansion at the Farm to Market Store in Libby showcases the log frame and stone masonry completed by Meadowlark Homes craftsman.

(Photo by Brian Baxter,

The Montanian)


An overall freshness accompanies and enhances the beautiful log works and stone masonry at the newly expanded Amish Farm to Market store at 50 Meadowlark Lane, eight miles south of Libby and across from the Libby Airport. The friendly and fun staff are genuinely welcoming and very proud of their new store. “Within the visual structure is the testimony of the heart,” said assistant manager, Lloyd Miller.

A sense of community and love is expressed as one talks with managers, staff, carpenters, stone masons, and patrons alike. Smiles were found upon the face of every patron, too. Shoppers appreciate an establishment of the quality, cleanliness, and friendliness that has always made America great.

Customer comments conveyed accolades to the designers, architects, and crafts people during the grand opening of the new expansion. Conversation also turned to the amazing staff, mentioning their amiable personalities and professionalism.

Inside, the market is well organized and aromatically filled with a specialty coffee bar and homemade baked goods. Well-lit counter areas and informative signs are in place to aid patrons.

The new delicatessen offers hot and cold sandwiches, including very healthy-looking burgers that brought this reporter back to the 1950’s and 60’s days of the classic American burger.

Six-inch thick, log slab tables are spaced appropriately to allow both individuals and couples room to work on their laptops or have a private conversation while dining. Larger wooden tables accommodate larger groups,

such as the gathering of Amish elders watching their spark of creativity light up on the grand opening day.

Even the floors are done nicely, clean and color coordinated with the rest of the interior. But designed in lighter colors to aid folks in navigating the new floorplan. The flooring has different textures that one can feel underfoot.

These help us seniors who once may have bagged many mountain peaks, hiked many forests, and ice-fished many frozen lakes, but now have to be a little careful cruising across the room in hot pursuit of that delicious looking ice cream cone awaiting us.

Also on the property is a modern lumber mill. The Meadowlark Log Homes office building – itself a charming log structure – welcomes visitors up well-designed porch stairs and into a high ceiling office.

Their motto states, “Affordable log homes that turn dreams into reality.” Various styles of homes are built onsite. Inside the office are brochures for Amish Meadows Log Furniture – high caliber craftsmanship in the form of beds, tables, chairs, shelves, and swing sets. All handcrafted heirloom furniture items can be delivered inside the continental United States.

Inside both the market and the log homes office are fliers advertising another aspect of this great little community, the Eagle Valley Community Auction to be held this Saturday, May 15, beginning at 9 a.m.

This annual event auctions off log homes and cabins, pavilions, pergolas, quilts, rugs, and handmade furniture. The Eagle Valley School also holds a benefit auction, along with a food and bake sale.


Outside the newly opened store, a peaceful setting shows off the Cabinet Mountain peaks in the distance to the west. In the foothills to the east, one
can see the log cabins of the families and individuals that live in this small community together.

From the forests surrounding us, they have created a set of unique opportunities for their community. The newly expanded Amish Farm to Market Store employs local youth, and many of these young people have connected their elders to the high-tech world. All in all, it is a beneficial and symbiotic relationship which will hopefully keep us all smiling for many, many years to come.

Find more information on the Farm to Market Store, Meadowlark Homes, and the 2021 Eagle Valley
Community Auction at
amishmeadows.com, on facebook at www.facebook.com/AmishMeadows,
or by calling 293-9775 (market), 293-8707 or 800-850-8554 (log homes).