McDonalds under new ownership in Libby

By Ashley South

Chris and Bud Jahnke were the new owners of the Libby McDonalds as of May 16, 2018. An opportunity arose when Scott Hagwin, the previous owner was ready to sell. Hagwin gave Chris and Bud a phone call offering them to come back home and buy the Libby McDonalds.
Chris was previously the supervisor at the Libby location when it was first built and had worked for the Hagwin family for over fifteen years.
The Jahnke’s decided it was time to relocate closer to where they grew up, so they could manage all six stores.
“The Kalispell area is not far from Libby and our son who will be part owner of the Libby McDonalds will help manage the Libby store,” said Chris.
Chris and Bud own two stores in Lolo and Hamilton, Mont. They are in the process of selling their two stores, so they could purchase the Libby McDonalds and five other McDonald’s stores in Kalispell.
“This new transition for us is a big deal, we are very excited to be the new owners of the Libby McDonalds as well as having the stores in the Flathead Valley,” said Chris.
Chris and Bud plan to renovate the Libby McDonalds from ceiling to floor as well as the whole outside starting April 15 if all goes as planned.
“We plan to upgrade and renovate almost everything from ceiling tiles, tables, chairs, bathrooms, a new floor and new uniforms for the employees,” said Chris. “We plan to keep the drive through open but may have to close the dining area for a short time to make renovations inside.”
Bud and Chris also plan to make some smaller renovations to some of their stores in the Kalispell area.
The Jahnke family is excited about owning six stores in northwest Montana and starting their new journey in Libby and Kalispell.