Playing for Fundsies raises over $28,000

Submitted by Kate Stephens


The 26th Annual Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Foundation’s Playing for Fundsies Golf Tournament has come and gone. An energetic group of golfers turned out for the fun day that included twists and turns on every hole.

As in previous years, golfers could be seen using strings in lieu of putting and using mulligan after mulligan throughout the day. Additionally, games and prizes took place on every hole and included everything from a toilet tee off, to a bat and tee, and pirate patches.

Once again, a little bit of fun went a very long way. The tournament raised over $28,000 for the Cabinet Peaks Foundation.

“The CPMC Foundation Board is thrilled with the results of the tournament once again this year,” commented Kate Stephens, Executive Director of the Foundation. “We are always looking for ways to make the event stand out in a summer full of golf tournaments, and to make it as enjoyable as possible. The games don’t slow down play and it’s awesome to have prizes available at every hole; the combination adds up to more excitement on the course, more winners at the end of the day, and more dollars raised for a good cause!”

Twenty individuals and two teams took home prizes at the end of the day. Contestants were only allowed to take home one prize, with the exception of the putt offs, which were pay to play. If a player won two prizes during the course of the regular tournament events, they chose which one they wanted and the extra prizes were raffled off to the rest of the players.

“We want to thank all of the event contributors, as well as the volunteers and golfers who came out to spend the day with us,” said Stephens. “Each of you made this event a success, and we are grateful for your support.”