This week’s business feature: All About Flowers

By Moira Blazi
Of all the traditional Valentines Day gifts, flow-ers are arguably the most romantic. They carry meaning and life. Red ros-es, of course speak of pas-sionate love, but the other colors have their mean-ings as well. Orange ex-presses desire, pink, sym-bolizes grace, yellow roses stand for friendship and joy, white evokes worthi-ness and innocence, and burgundy is said to repre-sent unconscious beauty.
Rae Ann Canavan knows this language well. Her business, All About Flowers, has been speak-ing it since she bought Linda B’s floral shop in 1996. In 1997, she moved to a house right behind the former Libby Drug building, then in 1999 she moved to her present lo-cation at 1301 Dakota St. and she has been there ever since. She keeps a steady year-round busi-ness of 30-50 arrange-ments per week, of mostly carnations, lilies, Alstroe-meria, and of course roses. Most orders go through her website or over the phone through Teleflora, an instant flower delivery service similar to FTD. But this week, Rae Ann is gearing up to bestow over 150 arrangements for Val-entine’s day, and, you guessed it, these are most-ly red roses. “This time of year, by the time the day is done, you hate roses.” Said Canavan with a smile. Mother’s Day is even bigger, she said, with about the same number of arrangements, but they tend to be a lot bigger.
All About Flowers is just one of three business-es Rae Ann runs, which makes her very busy in-deed, and, when asked why she works so hard, she simply said “I love Flowers.” Don’t we all! Find Rae Ann in the phone book or online.
Like Rae Ann said, “Flowers whisper what words can never say.”