This week’s business feature: Libby Art

By Ashley South
Three months ago, an inspiring idea came to life with a simple thought, Libby needed an art hub. John Bursell wanted to create a space that al-lowed all artists to gather and share what inspires them.
“Since I moved back, I noticed there is no place to buy good art supplies or a place for artists to gather, and I wanted to create a space for artists of all skill levels” said John.
Growing up in Libby, John had traveled to Den-ver to peruse an educa-tion in Art. After spending fourteen years in Denver, he moved back to estab-lish roots and have a fam-ily.
“Libby is a place of community and it really feels like home” said John.
Not long after relo-cating John started work-ing for Kootenai Valley Record and then Frames Unlimited. Learning from these wonderful busi-nesses, he decided it was time to follow his dreams and open his own art sup-plies business.
It all began in the Tungsten building . Start-ing small, Libby Art quick-ly outgrew it’s original space. Taking a step-in faith, John relocated his business to 521 California Ave. in Libby where cus-tomers have plenty of space to browse and there is a large room to teach art classes.
Libby Art offers a plethora of supplies, clas-ses for all ages and all art mediums, bible study, personal art classes, graphic design, and com-ing soon, an art club. Looking forward, Libby art would like to expand relationships in the art community. John would also like to start doing art classes with the Libby Care Center, mental health patients, Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, Girl and Boy Scouts, and 4H.
If you are or know someone who is interest-ed in art or needs art sup-plies, stop by 521 Califor-nia Ave. or call 293-1787. Libby Art is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m until 5:30 p.m. Gift certificates and special orders are also available.
This week’s business feature: Libby Art
Photo by Ashley