Troy City Council Meeting; new businesses approved

By Brian Baxter


The Troy Council met at 7 p.m. with City Clerk Tracy Rebo, Councilwoman Shawna Kelsey, Councilwoman Crystal Denton, Mayor Dallas Carr, Councilman TJ Boswell, and Councilman Chuck Ekstedt present.

Council members jumped right in to new business by approving two new business licenses. The first was for Katelyn Blomdahl, of Polished by Katelyn – Salon and Nails. Blomdahl has over 14 years of experience. The second went to Oliver Andrews of Andrews Labor & Contracting Inc. – Construction. Andrews has over 17 years of experience in construction focusing on roofing and siding.

Next on the agenda was an announcement that the council had approved Resolution No. 2019-761, the Sewer Rate Increase, to be effective July 1. The increase was calculated to be at 5%, and notice of said hearing was mailed first class with  postage prepaid to all residences served by the Troy Sewer System. The notice also contained an estimate of the amount that customers’ bills will increase. This decision was made after the council considered all protests received regarding the proposed rate increase.

Council members then reviewed the minutes of meetings including the March 20 meeting, the April 10 work meeting, and the April 17 meeting. Among related discussions as per the April 10 work meeting included a suggestion to look into raising the park fees by Crystal Denton. Councilwoman Denton also would like to take a look into having six Recreational Vehicle spots at the park. Rebo suggested a standard donation box. Mayor Carr said that revenue collected would go back to the park.

Dave Norman and the Public Works Department reported being busy with spring projects that included finishing up the new building for the museum; digging up a manhole for Ken Davis Surveying; patching potholes; and cemetery work that included installing a pump in the well, fertilizing the fields, working on and turning on sprinkler systems, and mowing and general cleanup of the grounds.

Clint Taylor, the Power Manager for Troy Power and Light, reported that his crews have also been busy. Personnel have been working on a half dozen outages; tree trimming; locating a line for the surveyors; digging a secondary line for the Forest Service; and at the cemetery, they set a transformer and ran a primary line. Crews also straightened a power pole up on Iron Creek, and conducted a safety meeting with attendees, Clint Taylor, Dennis Dupuis, Robert M. Braun Sr., Darwin Leighty, David Norman, and Ward Davis.

The mayor and council also praised Troy police for successfully handling the prior day’s code red situation.

The council meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the City Hall Court Room. Meetings are open to the public. If you would like an item placed on the agenda, contact the City Clerk at 295-4151.