Wings are popping up all over town, adorn local businesses

By Tracy McNew


If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you’ve probably noticed the posts about wings that are being painted on buildings around Libby. They’ve been popping up on local news feeds for about a week now.

The Montanian reached out to learn more about the newly painted art works, and here’s what we found:

According to Facebook posts, Todd Berget is the artist who organized the movement, and Yvonne Moe Resch was the inspiration behind the project.

To date, according to one of the artists, Amanda Stanton, there are six artists involved, and five sets of wings have been painted on at local businesses.

Andrea Cheroske painted butterfly wings on a building at Mineral and 3rd, Todd Berget painted bat wings on Tony’s Muffler and Tire, Anthony Webber painted a set of wings on the side of Rositas, Skye Doughty painted a set on the Libby Gym building, and Amanda Stanton painted wings on the Empire Foods building.

According to Stanton, “The whole idea is to get locals and visitors to spend some time exploring Libby.”

The wings are painted at a height so visitors can stand in front of them and take photos of themselves with wings.

Stanton said that the original idea was for 12 different artists to paint 12 sets of wings, but that the project could expand if more businesses get involved.

To date, the artwork is impressive, and definitely generating enthusiasm.

The Montanian reached out to, but did not hear back from Todd Berget or Yvonne Moe Resch before this issue went to press on Monday, Oct. 8.

Left: Amanda Stanton paints wings on the outside of Empire Foods last week. Right: Skye Doughty paints wings on the side of Libby Gym.  Photos courtesy of Bob Hosea.