Annual Shoot for Pink

The annual Shoot for Pink event was held on Saturday, May 19 at the Libby Gun Range. Jeff Robertson was the first place shooter. He hit 25 out of 25 clay pigeons. Scott Hanson took second place. He won a shoot off after hitting 24 out of 25 pigeons along with three other shooters. Mavis Vaillancourt won a shotgun for raising the most money. The event benefited the Mary Kay Foundation that offers grants for things like the women’s shelter. The event which is also held in Eureka had already raised more money this year than last year before the money from Eureka’s event was counted. Pledges were just over $15,000 for just the Libby event. The team pictured was the only all ladies team and included Mavis Vaillancourt, Carli Ague, Kori Erickson, Robyn Newton, and Dr. Samantha Pyle.