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Local youth gets her first buck

Apprentice hunter, Kyleigh J. harvested her first buck on
November 23rd, outside of Troy, Mont.


Photo courtesy of Zandra Johnson

Family hunting trip ends in success

“My daughter put the smack down on an awesome Whitetail Buck tonight. Her biggest to date. So proud of you Jada Smook.” wrote father Jeremy Smook.


Photo courtesy of Jada Smook

Large Mule deer fills the freezer

Scott Hanson got this big old mule deer on November 13 this hunting season.


Photo courtesy of
Dorian Boling

A successful hunting season is shared with friends & family

Joy and Conley  and their father George Mercer pose with his big bodied 5×5 white tail this hunting season.

This marvelous Mountain goat was shot by Frank Meyers. He was joined by his brother Mike Meyers and friend George Mercer. 

This large bull moose was brought down by Wade Svendsbye.


Photos courtesy of George Mercer .

100 yard shot turns into gratitude & search party for large buck

I was able to fill my deer tags this last week. I got my white tail on Wednesday. I used a 7mm-08 Christensen, and took a 100 yard shot. I was on a solo hunt and I had problems with finding the blood tail and started to panic that I lost my buck.

I went and found a friendly hunter that helped me. We went back up the mountain side to the last known blood trail. Within about 20 feet the friendly hunter saw my buck, I must of walked 8 times past the buck.

The friendly hunter offered to gut and drag my deer to the road while I went to bring my car up. Once I got my car to him we were having a hard time getting the buck in my car when some other hunters showed up and one of them jumped out of the truck and came to our aid. Thank you so much friendly hunters! This was my CWD tag.

My son Maverick Owens helped with the hunt and dragged this deer down the mountain side. Towards the end, I got help from yet another friendly helper who helped my son drag the deer a short ways to the car and helped us load him in. Thank you so very much friendly hunter- my son was very thankful for your help.

Courtesy of Dorian Boling.