Children’s golf: drive pitch and putt medalists

Left: Medalists age 9 and under from left to right, 1st place Hudson Hannah, 1st place Piper Thomas, 2nd place tie Elry Hall, 2nd place Macy Foss, 2nd place tie Mason Bache, 3rd place tie Ella Foster, 3rd place Easton Peterson and 3rd place tie Madison Foss.

Right: Medalists for 10-13 and 14-17 age groups from left to right, 1st place Maria Nelson, 1st place Connor Benson, 1st place Sid Thompson, 2nd place Nathan Selle, 2nd place Vivian Grosch, 3rd place Teague Thompson, 3rd place Molly Gotham.

Photos courtesy of Jeff Dooley.