Time to Play Ball!

Libby Youth League Sign-Ups Announced

“It’s our favorite time of year again!” event organizers announced this past week.” Little League Registrations are coming soon.”

This year there are three ways to register for the 2021 Libby Youth Baseball and Softball Association League (LYBSA):

  1. Attend in person sign-ups.
  2. Mail in registration.
  3. Drop-off to Teez’N Hair Studio

*Please do not call the schools asking about Little League. LYBSA is not affiliated with the schools and they cannot address questions regarding the 2021 league.

Registration forms will be distributed at all schools as a courtesy, but must be returned to LYBSA organizers.

If your child is not in school or you wish to request a registration form please email or pick-up a form at Teez’N Hair Studio in Libby.

Completed registrations forms with full payment may be mailed to: LYBSA, 606 Shalom Drive, Libby, MT, 59923.

Sign-ups for in person registration will be held on Wednesday, March 17, and Wednesday, March 25, from 3 to 6:30 p.m. at the Little League Field Concession Stand.

All registrations due by March 31 – no exceptions and no refunds. Cost for 2021 League is $45 for first child, $40 for second child, $35 for each additional child.

Definitive Moment of “Winter Wonder”

“Want to know just how skilled our teachers are? Mrs. Jessica and Ms. Kayla got ALL SIXTEEN of their kiddos to smile for the camera- at one time! We are so proud of our hardworking teachers—and our hardworking children!”
(Photo courtesy of Plummer Preschool)

Pitiful Players “Mystery of the White Throne”

Thursday, March 18th

Dome Theater in Libby

Saturday March 20th

Lincoln Theatre in Troy


Both shows begin at 7p.m.

Admission is FREE

Bring the whole family

When’s the last time you saw a toilet on stage

Courtesy Cast Photo

Joe Jameson, RN at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, recently received his Periop 101 Certification .
“Education is essential for all nurses to be competent at their jobs,” said Jameson. “This was my first step of education in perioperative nursing.”

(Courtesy Photo)

Cabinet Peaks RN

furthers education

while seeking to

excel in field of work

Submitted by
CPMC of Libby


The Surgery Department at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center is eager to announce the achievement of nurse, Joe Jameson, RN, who recently received his Periop 101 Certification.

As surgical care advances, so does the scope of nurses’ responsibilities. Operating Room (OR) nurses are now referred to as Perioperative Registered Nurses to more accurately reflect their duties immediately before, during, and after surgery.  A certification in perioperative nursing gives professional nurses the necessary experience and knowledge to succeed in this practice area.

When asked about the training course, Jameson, who has been with CPMC for 4 ½ years stated, “The Periop 101 class I took helped me transition from working in the Acute Care Department to working in the Surgery Department. It provided a comprehensive overview of nursing in the surgery setting and has made me more capable in the operating room.”

Jameson continued, “Education is essential for all nurses to be competent at their jobs. This was my first step of education perioperative nursing.”

Erin Moe, RN, and Manager of the CPMC Surgery Department explained, “Joe worked hard over the past few months to complete the Perioperative Course. The course is designed to prep nurses for the perioperative environment and gear them towards obtaining the CNOR certification. Joe brings several years of nursing experience to the surgery department!”

For more information about Cabinet Peaks Medical Center’s Central Surgery Departments, please call 283-7000.

Libby Friends of the Library Book Sale

Libby Friends of the Library is excited to announce its first book sale in a year!

On Friday, March 5th, all are invited from 10 a.m. to 3:30 pm to peruse the Book Sale Room held downstairs at the Library.

Use the main Library entrance then follow the signs that will be posted; an elevator is available for those unable to use the stairs.

Masks are required and room capacity will be monitored to maintain safe social distancing.

There is a wide selection of books, DVDs and audiotapes for all ages available. A special display on gardening will be featured and a separate table with puzzles, music CDs and a new donation of LP albums is ready for a new home.

Purchase is by donation, with all money received going to support programs for the Library.


“Dear Doc”

Dr. Gregory Rice, M.D.

COVID-19 Questions

Dear Doc, I am concerned about getting a reaction to the COVID vaccine.

  1. a) Can I take Tylenol or Ibuprofen ahead of time?

These will not prevent a rare severe reaction. Studies dating back many years have shown taking anti-fever medications reduces the effectiveness of vaccines. So, aiming to reduce the common side effects in advance can make the vaccine less likely to work.

Medical providers do not recommend taking any anti-fever medication such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or Aleve either before or shortly after getting any vaccine.

  1. b) Should I use ice or heat for a sore arm?

Ice is not a good idea as it reduces blood supply to the vaccine site. The muscle where the vaccine was injected needs good blood supply to create the immune reaction.

Heat is ok.


Dear Doc, I’ve read about variants of the COVID-19 virus.

  1. a) What does that mean?

Variant COVID viruses usually have a slightly different protein on their surface.

  1. b) Is it spread

It is spread the same as before. Most COVID infections are contracted from breathing in particles that have the virus in them through your nose or mouth.

  1. c) Are variants more dangerous or more

Many variants act about the same as the original virus, but a few have been identified so far that are more infectious. This means when you are talking with someone next to you that has the variant, your chances of getting sick are higher.




Dear Doc, once I am vaccinated, can I go back to a normal life?

Normal life will resume when it becomes rare that someone gets moderately ill or worse from COVID-19. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself. It is also the best way you can keep from spreading the virus to someone else.

Right now, as the pandemic continues, recommendations are that we all –whether you are vaccinated or not –continue to take universal precautions so the pandemic ends as soon as possible.

One advantage to being vaccinated is that getting together with a good friend or relative who has also been fully vaccinated will be much safer.

Indoor group gatherings will still be discouraged until the pandemic is gone. Recommendations to distance, hand wash and wear masks in schools will also be encouraged until the pandemic is over.

In Lincoln County the current number of people contracting COVID-19 is still significantly higher than it was last July when we experienced our first big outbreak. In the last month, hospitalizations and reported deaths from COVID-19 are also much higher than July of 2020.



Have a COVID-19 question?

Send your inquiries to:
Dear Doc
1020 Idaho
Libby, MT