Fall begins in Troy

A gorgeous view over Troy last week included  changing leaves and snow on the mountainsides as fall begins. Photo courtesy of SvetLana Panova Harper.


Student stand down

Dustina Deans of  Lincoln County Libraries smiles as she helps with the student stand down event giving away school supplies at Asa Wood Elementary on Wednesday, Aug. 21.  Kootenai Kiwanis hosted stand down events in both Libby and Troy this year. Photo courtesy of Trina Kerzman

Cupcake frosting class

Libby Care Center hosted a cupcake frosting class last week on Wednesday, Sept. 4. Participants learned several cupcake designs.  Photo courtesy of Amber Casey

Annual Ironman shoot

24 shooters attended the Ironman shoot on Saturday, Aug. 31

at the Libby Shooting Range. Mike Cirian claimed the top title of  2019 Ironman, and Barb Camps was named the Iron Maiden. Maverick Owens claimed the Tinman title, Scott Hanson was Trap Champ, Tom Bailey was 5-Stand Champ, Dennis Smith was  Skeet Champ, and Anthony Graham was  Skrap Champ. Photo courtesy of Dorian Boling.

Daunting weather at the Dome

Storm clouds accumulating over the Dome Theater last week reminded locals that our sunny, summer weather will soon be gone. Photo courtesy of Ryan Benroth.