Kootenai Valley Christian School 2020 Rake-A-Thon

Mrs. Morgan’s preschool class first bundled for the weather, then acquired their pint-size yard tools to tackle the leaves.  Courtesy Photo

By Stacy Bender


On Friday, October 23, students from the Kootenai Valley Christian School in Libby bundled up to greet the Wintery elements and embark upon their annual fundraising rake-a-thon.
Over 60 students from preschool to 12th grade set out in class teams to clean yards for over thirty local residents who had called to schedule their services.

While many trees had yet to shed their autumn attire, what had fallen was bagged and left neatly at each curbside for the pending City of Libby leaf pick-ups scheduled over the next two Thursdays and Fridays.

Miss Donnerberg’s 5th/6th grade class at KVCS was spotted executing some rock solid T-E-A-M work along Idaho Ave in Libby on Friday morning, October 23, as the first snow of the season began to accumulate.
Photo by Stacy Bender, The Montanian

Pirates of the Kootenai besiege the stage at K.W. Maki Theater

Princess Ethylene and her handmaiden, Polly, found themselves caught up in a comical case of mistaken identity as the Pirates of he Kootenai attempted to extort Queen Kerosene for a respectable bounty in exchange for her daughter. Photo by Stacy Bender, The Montanian.

Snow blankets Kootenai country

Right: Ready or not, down it came! The consistent snowfall which began on Friday morning, October 23, accumulated to reported heights of 7 to 9 inches across various points of the Libby & Troy area by the following dawn. Libby Elementary Kindergartener, Drake Morford, was caught on Saturday morning  thoroughly immersing himself in the first official deposit of frozen fun this season. According to his mom, Patricia Morford, “This boy loves Winter and snow!”   Courtesy Photo