Lodge at McGregor Lake Under New Ownership

by Brian Baxter

Brandy Kiefer, (right), recently took over ownership The Lodge at McGregor Lake, and is pictured here with her sister, Shannon, who has been instrumental in establishing management of the many activities and amenities which the lodge offers annually.  Photo by Brian Baxter, The Montanian


Brandy Kiefer came to see her son and his girlfriend at her family’s cabin on McGregor Lake in Lincoln County this past summer. Brandy then returned several times and ended up talking with the Feldmans who had listed the Lodge at McGregor Lake for sale.

Summer turned to fall, and shared recently, “After a lot of thinking, dreaming, and contemplating, I ended up purchasing the lodge.” With the autumn purchase she immediately started planning for the Annual Ice Fishing Derby event the lodge has set for February 27 and 28. “My sister Shannon also came to work at the lodge and she helps me run things in and around the grounded,” added Kiefer.

Brandy grew up in Cut Bank, Mont., and went to college in Havre. She then taught elementary school in Cut Bank and Shelby. She has three children – Colby, Molly, and Lindy.

The Lodge at McGregor has been a popular location for locals and visitors to recreate and enjoy all four seasons of the year. Those wishing to stay have several option: individual motel units, cozy cabins, and a full size lake-house. The boat dock and a full-service, 41-space recreational vehicle park are also a large draw for those passing through or simply seeking a seasonal weekend away.

The restaurant at McGregor Lodge includes a full service bar and a breakfast cafe. Since Kiefer took ownership, they have also added steaks and hand breaded Calamari to their menu.

“Many local folks work here, too,” said Kiefer. “Some have moved here specifically to join our staff. I’d like the lodge to keep it’s charm and rustic atmosphere.”
Future plans include more cabins, family reunions, live music, trivia nights, summer deck dining and summer events including horseshoes, volleyball tournaments, and outdoor concerts. In the interim, operations and business at the lodge have reportedly been going well this winter season. Ice-fishing, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing crowds have currently been circulating through.
For more info on The Lodge at McGregor Lake, please call 858-2253 or visit Better yet, stop by12250 Highway 2 West the next time you are through and check-out the friendly atmosphere firsthand.

Weekly food assistance returns to Libby/Troy area



By Stacy Bender 

Roxanna Escudero, local coordinator for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) in South Lincoln County, announced last week that Libby and Troy have again been authorized to receive free food commodities beginning  this Thursday, February 11.

“We again have a brand new distributor which has given us an opportunity to request new quantities and delivery locations,” Escudero shared in an online post. “For this round, Montana will be working with Share Farm Inc. out of Spokane. WA.”

The following items are anticipated to arrive with each CFAP delivery through April 30.  However, items can be subject to change and all are asked to please be understanding in the event this should happen.

Each delivery scheduled is expected at this time to include 1 produce and one meat box.  Within those boxes:

-5lbs of potatoes

-3lbs of onions

-3-4lbs of oranges, apples, or pears

-5-6lbs of yogurt and cheese

-1 gallon of 2% milk

-5-6lbs fully cooked meat, which includes chicken patties, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, sausage links, chicken/beef taco meat, chicken meat balls, and/or chicken drumsticks.


Deliveries begin this week and can be picked up at the Libby Assembly of God Church parking lot, 105 Collins Ave,  between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. At this time, deliveries are expected to arrive weekly and the hope is to maintain a Thursday morning pick-up each week! Should this change, all efforts will be made to keep the public informed.

With this new round of CFAP assistance, a few guidelines have not been issued for service.

  1. Each vehicle will get 1 box of meat, 1 box of produce, and 1 gallon of 2% milk for their household. “The Libby Food Bank only allows 1 box per household. Commodities only allows 1 box per household, and we will only allow 1 box per household,” reported Escudero.
  2. Please be nice to our parking lot coordinator. Billy and his helpers are doing the best they can to fit everyone in and keep everyone moving in a timely fashion. He will also be working within the guidelines the Church has provided to direct traffic through the area.
  3. Please be nice to our volunteers. They are out there as early as 7:00 a.m. in the morning to get the parking lot ready and prepare everything for a smooth and fast distribution process. Remember it’s still winter and yet our volunteers are dedicated to standing out there in the cold, snowy, muddy, icy conditions to be sure you receive your food boxes.

They do not get paid for being out there and some of our volunteers even take a day off from their jobs just to be there helping. Just payment for them is knowing that a difference was made in someone’s life and in our community.

Please understand that we have a new food distributor and things might be a little “rough” during the first few deliveries. They may be late due to bad weather or traffic and road conditions. Local organizers might be running a few minutes late on their own start times, but all will be working to ensure as smooth a process as possible for everyone.

“Remember, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’” said Escudero.

For further questions regarding the CFAP program here in South Lincoln County, please contact Roxanna (Libby) at 293-4622, or MaryAnn (Troy) at 255-9568.

Please note both Roxanna and MaryAnn are business owners and the numbers above are to their  places of business. While they may not be able to speak with you immediately when you call, they are dedicated to serving their communities and will call back to address all callers at their earliest convenience.

Please remember this is a free food program which communities like our own are blessed to receive.  Thank you in advance for you patience as we move through this process of distribution yet again.

“Thank you and God Bless!”