Kathleen Williams visits Lincoln County

About 90 people went to Eureka last Wednesday, Oct. 3 to meet and listen to U.S. Congressional candidate, Kathleen Williams.

About 40 Libby folks chartered a school bus and made the trek up to Eureka to hear Williams, who told the Libby, Troy and Eureka crowd that she originally “…ran for the state legislature because, at that time, it was hyper-partisan and divisive, they were not getting anything done. Now, I see the federal government is in the same boat, that’s why I am running,” she said.

She spoke about Healthcare, public education, protecting public lands., and repeatedly came back to the theme of healing the political dialogue., saying, “ We need to restore credibility to a broken congress.”

Williams and crew had left Bozeman and already been to whitefish before they arrived at the beautiful home of Ursula H. Pappas on glen lake outside of eureka. Williams told The Montanian, “We’ve been everywhere man.” With a laugh, she recalled that she recently took a short time off the campaign trail, in her camper. “

Williams will be appearing again in our area at the end of October. Photo by Moira Blazi, The Montanian..