Meet the carvers…

Josh grew up in the greater Seattle are and takes much of his inspirations from the wildlife around the Pacific Northwest. He began carving at the age of 17 and has been a full-time carver for 25 years. Josh is  returning to our competition for the 3rd year. Josh is an avid traveler and loves the inspiration he finds and has been lucky enough to visit some amazing sculpture rich areas such as Italy, Japan and Cambodia over the past couple of years. He has had a great response to his driftwood and cedar spheres and is looking forward to tackling a 6-foot sphere this year. We are looking forward to what he will be carving this year at the competition


Todd comes to us from Montana and he is returning for his 3rd year competing. Todd does several types of art including chainsaw carving, bronze sculptures, pencil portraits and pen and ink drawings. Todd has sold his chainsaw carvings to people from all around the world. His chainsaw carvings are from 1 foot to his largest piece of 43 feet tall. Todd has been carving for over 25 years and he has carved most every type of wildlife.


Joe is from Pennsylvania. Joe is returning for the 3rd years and was our last year’s grand champion. Joe is a body work artist who takes his passion and creative abilities from and painting airbrush work to the world of chainsaw carving. Joe’s love for the outdoors and nature lends credibility and authenticity to his artwork. He has performed at many events across the U.S. and Europe.