Pitiful Players to present “Antigone”

The Pitiful Players, along with Karina Hancock dance, will present the Greek Tragedy “Antigone” on Friday, Jan. 26 and Saturday Jan. 27 at the KW Maki Theatre in Libby. Both shows will be at 7 p.m.
Written over 3,000 years ago, this story tells the tale of a young lady who defies au-thority to do what she feels is morally right, and suffers the consequences. This is a tragedy, and parental discretion is advised. The actors will be working with scripts in hand. As with all Pitiful Player Productions, there will be no charge.
For more information, contact Keith Meyers at 293-9277. Pictured above, Sarah Os-born, Suvari Neff, Abigail Osborn and Jenna Hammond rehearse. Photo courtesy of Keith Meyers.