trees and tracks

Gene Rekin shows Libby Elementary School students an owl wing and explains how they have adapted to be one of the best predatory birds in our area. He allowed the students to feel the owl’s feathers to show them how they feel and how they move. Photo by Zach McNew, The Montanian.

Kootenai Natives visit Libby Schools

Kootenai Natives visited Libby Schools on Tuesday, Jan. 29. Justus Cree and his crew from the Bonners Ferry area did such a wonderful job entertaining and explaining Native American Culture. The assembly provided students with a huge message for love and tolerance for each other, the assembly was funded by Indian Ed and Parent Council. Right: Photo  by Sara Barrick Left: Photo by Bill Moe

Ice fishing season, it’s late but great

Left: Fisherman at the north end of the lake last Saturday looking to hook the winning fish at the Bull Lake derby. Photo by Tracy McNew, The Montanian.  Right: Damion Conroy shows off a fish he caught during a ice fishing field trip with Libby Schools. Photo courtesy of Bill Moe. 

Troy vs. Stillwater

The Troy Trojans played the  Stillwater Cougars on January 26. Photo by SvetLana Panora Harper.