Troy’s spelling bee winners

By Stacy Walenter
The Troy Spelling Bee was held Monday, Febru-ary 5th at the Troy High School auditorium. There were 38 participants from 4th to 8th grade. The overall cham-pion was 8th grader Ade-line Roesler-Begalke and the runner up was 5th grader Bella O’Day. Troy schools will send two ad-ditional junior high stu-dents and three addition-al elementary school stu-dents.
The winning students are advancing to the county spelling bee, which will be held on Wednesday, February 21st at 1pm in Troy.
Jr. High:
1st Place: Adeline Roesler-Begalke
2nd Place: Audrey Evans
Alternate: Winter Sedler
1st Place: Bella O’Day
2nd Place: Marcus Hermes
3rd Place: Barocko Garcia
Alternate: Isabella Meyer
Troy’s spelling bee winners
Champion Adeline Roes-ler-Begalke and runner up Bella O’Day. Photo by Stacy Walenter, The Mon-tanian