Winter spirit; North Fork Falls

Winter spirit is a beautiful photo taken by local photographer Bob Hosea at North Fork Falls. Photo courtesy of Bob Hosea.

Nothing but pure excitement

This little lady doesn’t let the cold bother her this winter, she just bundles up and heads for a ride. Photo by Danielle Nason, The Montanian.

Students take the stage

High School students audition for the 2019 Music Man performance to be put on by the Kootenai Karacters this March. Photo by Pam Peppenger, The Montanian.

Snow-tubbing fun

Some local children enjoy snow-tubbing in a friendly neighborhood cul-de-sac in Libby. Photo by Danielle Nason, The Montanian.

Trespassing snowman

This Snow monster was spotted on Louisiana. Photo by Tracy McNew, The Montanian.