Women’s Health Week

Amanda Dompier and Mia Caulboy enjoying flowers. Photo by Danielle Nason, The Montanian.


By Danielle Nason


2019 marks the 20th annual National Women’s Health Week, which happens to land on May 12, Mother’s Day this year. May 12 through 18 is National Women’s Health week, which is designated to encourage women around the world to take steps towards improving their health, life and wellness.

Women’s health week was created to serve as a reminder for women to make their health a priority and to build long lasting positive health habits for life. If you practice regularly taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle, you can create the foundation for a lifetime of good health in not only yourself, but those that you love.

According to Lincoln County Health Department; To improve your physical and mental health you can visit a doctor or nurse for a well-woman visit (checkup), preventive screenings, and vaccines. Get active and eat healthy. Pay attention to your mental health including getting enough sleep and managing stress. Practice safe behaviors, such as quitting smoking, not texting while driving, and taking steps to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health leads National Women’s Health Week to encourage all women to be as healthy as possible.