Inmate Offense Roster

Monday, Feb. 7


All charges are misdemeanors unless specified as a felony. This list of inmates
reflects solely those detained
on the date listed above and does not reflect those who have since been arrested or released.


Assance, Tristan K.

Charged with felony assault with a weapon, destruction of a communication device. Lincoln County District Court.


Barrows, Craig A
Charged with felony drug/narcotic violations. Lincoln County Justice Court.




Brown, Anthony S.
Charged with felony all other offenses. LCJC.


Bryant, Donald C.
Charged with felony aggravated assault and two counts of simple assault. Lincoln County Justice Court.


Crame, Trista S.
Charged with felony all other offenses and felony drug/narcotic violations.


Dionne, Pernell A.

Charged with felony impersonating a public servant. Lincoln County Justice Court.


Eby, Jason R.
Charged with felony criminal endangerment, felony drug violations, felony all other offences, negligent endangerment, obstructing a peace officer, disorderly conduct, possession of dangerous drugs, and 10 counts of traffic offense. Lincoln County Justice Court; OOC/TCC.


Ellis, John K.

Charged with felony solicitation, felony assault with a weapon, felony sexual assault, felony incest. Lincoln County Justice Court.


Fettig, Jason M.
Charged with felony all other offenses, felony driving under the influence, and 3 counts of traffic offence.


Fish, Quentin T.
Charged with felony burglary/breaking and entering.

Handeland, Jeffrey K., Jr.

Charged with felony criminal endangerment, two counts traffic offense. Lincoln County Justice Court.


Hansen, Luke D

Felony all other larceny.


Hartman, William C.
Charged with not classified and disorderly conduct. LCJC.


Huisentruit, Joshua J.
Charged with DUI alcohol or drugs. LCDC.


Kanzler, Kenneth M.
Charged with two felony counts all other offenses.


Legan, Jon Q.
Charged with felony all other offenses.


Leichty, Jared A.

Charged with felony possession with intent to sell. Lincoln County Justice Court.


Munguia, Fernando

Charged with felony possession with intent to sell.


Peterson, Jonathan J.
Charged with felony intimidation, felony simple assault, simple assault, all other offenses, and disorderly conduct. LCJC.


Purkhiser, Walter J.

Charged with intimidation.


Scott, Peggy S.
Charged with all other offenses, traffic offense, and DUI alcohol or drugs. Lincoln County District Court.


Sistok, Robert A.
Charged with felony all other offenses. LCJC.


Steiger, Angela J.
Charged with felony all other offenses and all other larceny. TCC.


Viereck, Richard H.
Charge not classified.


Volkenand, Jacob L.
Charged with destruction/damage/vandalism, trespass of real property, and traffic offense. Lincoln County Justice Court.


Webb, Sean T.

Charged with felony burglary/ breaking and entering, all other larceny. Lincoln County Justice Court.


Weber, Tylin J.
Charged with felony theft, all others. Lincoln County District Court.


Willet, Christopher
Charged with felony all other offenses. LCDC.


Williams, Cody A.
Charged with DUI alcohol or drugs.

USFS Drops Appeal Against Yaak Valley Forest Council

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In 1978, Congress commissioned Montana grizzly biologist Dr. Chuck Jonkel to analyze the proposal route. Dr. Jonkel’s findings—that the southern route would be far less of a threat than the proposal route to the north—was submitted and accepted in 1980. Nonetheless, in 2009, a hiker’s organization, the Pacific Northwest Trail Association, succeeded in finally getting the trail established. With the help of Senator Maria Cantwell and ex-Representative Norm Dicks, the legislation was attached in a single paragraph to a must-pass omnibus bill in 2009. Congress did have the foresight to require  the USFS. to complete a comprehensive management plan (CMP) within two years.

Eleven years later, no such plan exists.

“We’re glad the agency will decide to engage with this issue,” said Amy Pearson, Executive Director of the Yaak Valley Forest Council. “Portions of this unmanaged trail are already exceeding definition of high use. This unintended consequence of legislation, passed without Montana’s full input, presents a high likelihood of other trails and roads having to be closed. Fortunately, another route exists, through Libby and Troy, pioneered by independent grizzly bear biologists and Dr. Chuck Jonkel over 40 years ago.”

YVFC board chair Rick Bass added, “It shouldn’t be this hard of an action for the Forest Service to execute. Instead, they’re focusing their energy and resources on proposed logging of old growth up along the Canadian border, at Black Ram, with roughly 1000 acres of regeneration harvests and clearcuts that would accelerate global warming and the dewatering of the Yaak River. Rather than working on a CMP that protects grizzlies and avoids unintended consequences, they propose building spur trails in high-quality grizzly habitat to add to the already out-of compliance PNT. We hope the court’s decision will encourage the agency to engage with the issue.”


Ashley South of YVFC concurred. “The Yaak portion of this 1200-mile trail is not significant in the larger context, but it’s very significant to our last tiny population of grizzlies,” said South. ’re confident a solution can be found.”

Submitted by YVFC