Offense List
Monday, June 28 (Only)


All charges are

misdemeanors unless
specified as a felony.


This list of inmates reflects solely those being held

by the

Lincoln Country

Sheriff’s Office

on the date listed above.


This list does not reflect those who may have been arrested and/or released over the past nine days.



Ague, Timothy W.

Charged with felony
assault on a peace
officer, felony sexual assault. LCJC.

Assance, Tristan K. Charged with felony

assault with a weapon,

destruction of a
communication device. LCDC.


Benedict, Brian R.

Charged with felony

assault with a weapon, partner family member assault. LCJC.


Bowen, Robert L

Charged with partner
family member assault, violation of protective
order. LCJC.


Connell, Edward L, Jr.

Charged with traffic
offense, additional offense, all others. LCJC.


Crammer, Christian E.
Charged with felony

burglary – residence,

felony parole violation, criminal mischief—vandalism, trespass to property, theft, illegal
handle of stolen property, disorderly conduct.


Gibbons, Robert
Charge not classified.


Haflich, Laurence A.

Charge not classified. LCDC.


Hile, Casey J.
Charged with traffic offense. LCJC.

Hudak, Nakuma F.
Charged with felony

attempt, felony burglary- residence, felony possession of burglary tools,
felony possession of
dangerous drugs, traffic offense, possession of drug paraphernalia. LCDC.


James, Jonathan

Charge not classified. LCJC.


Kendall, Jeremiah R.

Charged with felony

attempt, felony burglary -residence, felony tampering with evidence, felony escape, illegal handle of stolen


Kirkedahl, Scott L.

Charged with felony

homicide, deliberate.


Kirkwood, Kevin R.
Charged with felony

possession of drugs,

felony parole violation,
possession of drug
paraphernalia. LCDC.


Kusener, Kimberly D.
Charged with felony

possession of dangerous drugs, felony offense—all others, possession
of drug paraphernalia.


Legan, Jon Q.

Charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of dangerous drugs, probation
violation. LCJC


Mattis, Cody

Charged with felony

sexual intercourse

without consent. LCDC.


McMillen, Larry G., Jr.
Charged with felony, not classified. LCDC.


Mendez, Angella D.
Charged with two felony
offenses, felony—not
classified. OOS/LCDC.


Oropreza, Adrian D.

Charged with felony
revocation of susp/deferred, traffic offense.


Raymond, Mitchell B.

Charged with felony

criminal endangerment, two felony offenses—all others. LCJC/OOC/OOS.


Smith, Cheyanne L.
Charged with felony child endangerment—DUI, traffic offense,
additional offense—all others.


Steele, Karyl R

Charged with felony,

probation violation,

resisting arrest.


Stevens, Jeremiah J.

Charged with felony

revocation of susp/deferred, additional

felony offense. LCDC.


Thompson, Tiffani A.

Charged with felony
offense – all other.


Warren, Cathie I.

Charge not classified. NCL.


Yakovenko, Bohdan Y.

Charged with traffic

offense. LCJC.

LCSO processed 118 complaints during

the week ending

Saturday, May 25 (1991), at 9:29 a.m. Here are some of them:


Monday, May 20—


1:50 a.m.  Caller advised he had just chased a prowler off of his proh with his crutches. Officers checked the area.


8:07 p.m.  A caller reported three dead pigs on the downhill side of Champion Haul road. Officers were unable to locate the pigs.


Tuesday, May 21—


9:28 a.m. LCSO, Missoula Bomb Squad and the


Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms investigated what turned out to be a simulated booby trap on Lawrence Mountain Road.


Wednesday, May 22—


10:39 a.m.  A Libby man complained that people using CB frequency 151.655 were speaking such foul language that he had to turn his CB off. They had speaking foully {sic} for several days.


10:56 p.m.  A Libby
man complained that sometime within the last week someone took two front bumpers and one rear bumper from his premises, plus a gas cap.


May 30, 1991


Tuesday, may 21—


**The Bush administration has unveiled a plan to require thousands of people to take a treadmill test before they could qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Opponents of the plan say the test is unreliable; proponents say it will weed out the slackers.


**14 U.S. postal workers in Pittsburgh will be charged in the nation’s biggest theft of stamps. Over $500,000 of
old stamps and postcards that were supposed to be destroyed, were stolen.