Inmate Offense List
Monday, April  26 (Only)


All charges are
misdemeanors unless
specified as a felony.


This list of inmates

reflects solely those being held by the

Lincoln Country

Sheriff’s Office

on the date notated above.

This list does not reflect those who may have been arrested and/or released over the course of

the past 10 days.


Allyn, David Glenn Charged with felony
possession of dangerous drugs, felony – not classified, possession of drug paraphernalia.  LCDC.

Anderson, Michael J.
Felony offense not classified.


Assance, Tristan K. Charged with felony
assault with a weapon, destruction of a communication device. LCDC.


Bailey, Henry W.
Misdemeanor charge.


Cook, Brittany L.

Charged with felony possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia.


Coy, John T.

Charged with traffic

offence. LCJC.


Crammer, Christian E. Charged with felony
burglary – residence,
felony parole violation, criminal mischief—vandalism, trespass to property, theft, illegal handle of stolen property, disorderly conduct. Currier, Tommy L.

Charged with felony, possession of drugs,

misdemeanor traffic

offense, misdemeanor possession of drug

paraphernalia. LCJC



Ellsworth, Thomas Charged with felony

revocation of susp/deferred, traffic offence, DUI—Alcohol or Drugs. LCJC.


Galloway, Tarryne J. Charged with felony
criminal endangerment, additional felony offence. obstructing a peace office, two traffic offences. LCJC, OOC.


Gomez, Joshua J

Charged with partner family member assault-  reasonable App 3rd. LCJC.


Gordon, Dominic R.

Felony Theft. LCC.

Hagen, Ivan J.

Charged with felony

robbery. LLC.


Heil, Eric

Charged with felony

parole violation. NCL.



Hudak, Nakuma F. Charged with felony

attempt, felony burglary- residence, felony

possession of burglary tools, felony possession of dangerous drugs,

traffic offence,

possession of drug

paraphernalia. LCDC.



Jordan, Kristopher L.

Charged with felony

possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia,

traffic offence. LCJC.


Kendall, Jeremiah R.

Charged with felony




Kirkedahl, Scott L.

Charged with felony

homicide, deliberate.


Kirkwood, Kevin R. Charged with felony

possession of drugs,

felony parole violation, possession of drug

paraphernalia. LCDC.


Kusener, Kimberly D. Charged with felony

possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia.  LCDC.


Lambersten, Shaun Charged with felony


felony theft, trespass to vehicles, theft.


Mattis, Cody

Charged with felony

sexual intercourse

without consent. LCDC.


Mendez, Angella D. Charged with two felony offences, felony—not

classified. OOS/LCDC.


Powell, Levi J.

Charged with felony

intimidation, partner family member

assault -reasonable App 3rd, privacy in communication. LCDC.


Priebe, Matthew M. Charged with felony

parole violation,

possession of drug

paraphernalia, additional offence.


Stelle, Karyl R.
Charged with negligent vehicular assault,

aggravated DUI. LCC.


Stevens, Jeremiah J.

Charged with felony

revocation of susp/deferred, additional

felony offence. LCDC.


Watters, Charlene M.

Charged with

misdemeanor offence. LCJC.

The following is as interpreted by the Montanian from records supplied by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.


Records pulled from July, August, September,
November and December of 2017

Sunday, July 29, 2017—

Two dogs jumped out of a vehicle after a deer near the Libby hospital. They were going mutts.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017—

A deer was stuck in the fence on County Shop Road, but it was gone when authorities responded. They have no eye deer where it went.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017—

Chickens were residing in city limits near
1st Street. A caller wanted them evicted but thought they might balk at the idea. They were breaking the law though, so the chickens were out of luck.


Tuesday, September 9, 2017—

Dispatch was notified of a cow on road near
second street extension.  The cows owner could
not be notified. Perhaps he had moooved.


Sunday, September 17, 2017—

Someone reported a fight in progress between a resident and a visitor. It was noted that the resident had access to knives. It is assumed the visitor was
denied access.



Thursday, November 23, 2017—

A mattress was in the roadway on Hwy 2. Rest easy, no one was sleeping on it.


Friday, December 1,  2017—

A fake $100 bill was used at Libby convenience store. It was fake money, this is not fake news.


Tuesday, December 25, 2017—

An eagle was caught in a snare near Pipe Ridge Road. Trapping them is ill-eagle.


Saturday, December 9, 2017—

A man on Nevada Avenue reported asking a
woman with a bad temper to move out of his house. He reported that her bowling balls were sitting in the entry way and he may need officers to respond if she shows up upset. Split happens. (Don’t think too much about this one or you’ll strike out and your mind will end up in the gutter.)


Sunday, December 10, 2017—

A 24-year old man called 911 to figure out if he can “date” an 18-year old female.