Bull River Ecology Tour

On Saturday, June 15, Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness sponsored a free Ecology of the Bull River Valley Tour. The group of eight explorers identified vegetation including trees, shrubs, forbs, medicinal plants, sedge species, rush species, and also lichen and fungi. Several bird species were seen and heard including Wilson’s snipe, Red-tailed hawks, flycatchers, kingbirds, Cedar waxwings, a female Hooded merganser with a fish in beak and young, and a Bald-eagle in nest. Discussion centered around Native American history, rare carnivores, David Thompson fur trading, fisheries, and wetland habitats. Left to Right: Mary Ann Schuman, Miles Schuman, Rima Maroney, Judy Ball, Susan Van Vooren, Al Van Vooren, and program leader Brian Baxter. Not pictured is Stephen Bincarowsky. Photo courtesy of Brian Baxter