Dreams By Ian Kumle

Out in the wilderness free from all

Through the trees that are very tall

Just alone, no one to bother

No one to be with, not even my father

Running from the beasts that try to chase

Trying to tear off my human face

No one loves me, no one cares

Only brown and black bears

They love the taste of human flesh

That’s why they never stop, never rest

As I was running, trying not to die

I hear a noise, sounding like a cry

I look to my left, trying not to trip

When I see what it is, my heart beat skips

I see a wolf, and hear a loud AWOOOOOOO

That’s when I knew my breath would be the last two

My body went down, I knew I was pinned

When I looked at its face, it seemed to have grinned

When I felt the claws, I knew I was dead

That’s when I woke, in my own bed.