Motorcycle Awareness

By Danielle Nason


May brings us flowers and sunshine and May also brings us Motorcycle Awareness month. As the weather gets nicer, you start to notice more people getting out and enjoying the beautiful outdoor sunshine.  This also means there are more pedestrians for drivers to watch out for on the road, and more motorcycles and bicyclist out as well. You cannot blame anyone for wanting to get out into the beauty that is our home here in Lincoln County. But let’s remember to be more cautious about things going on around us when we are out and about driving this summer. When sharing the road with motorcycles remember to Increase the following distance to allow a little more room, look twice before turning, check your blind spots, and use your turn signals. According to Heuserlaw, over 75% of all serious motorcycle accidents involve a car striking a motorcycle from the front.

“Look twice to save a life,” the Libby Police department reminds its citizens on their local Facebook page. It can be easy to become distracted when there are so many things going on around you.