Sex Ed By Holly S

As a teen they believe                                                                                                                                                             Life

Is hard, most haven’t experienced what it’s like

To take care of themselves, let alone others.

Don’t realize what it takes to love.

Most girls are distracted by boys.

Few end up                                                                                             with kids

Of their own. Others choose to end

The little life. Boys can pick the easy way out

They have other things to care about.

Uneducated about birth control

Unwilling to ask awkward question


The child has to live with the outcome of ignorance.

Ready to parent?

Does that question make you willing to ask for a condom,

Even if it’s uncomfortable?

Or pick the alternative and drop $400 on a cradle.

The little life could be a blessing,

Or make you realize life                                                                                    Is messy