Weekly Horoscope

Aries — Practice to master basics. Nurture health and well-being. Faith, dreams and spirituality can seem absent, with Neptune retrograde over five months. Practice compassion, especially with yourself.

Taurus — Fun and romance take focus. Reminisce with teammates, with Neptune retrograde for five months. Show up for friends, and they do for you. Generate stability despite illusions.

Gemini — Domesticity engages. Reaffirm old bonds over five months, with Neptune retrograde. Enjoy nostalgia. Revise long-term goals. Revisit favorite people, places and beliefs to prosper.

Cancer — Take detailed notes. Consider past adventures and travels, with Neptune retrograde. Review where you’ve been to get clear on where you’re going.

Leo — Profitable ideas abound. Revise financial arrangements to plug any leaks, with Neptune retrograde. Conserve your resources. You can see clearly. Budget for household changes.

Virgo —  Gain options with strength. For five months, with Neptune retrograde, you feel most comfortable with familiar friends and partners. Nostalgia and retrospection soothe your spirit.

Libra  — Peaceful introspection soothes. Revise your physical routine, with Neptune retrograde. Meditate. Balance stress with relaxation and peace. Weave magic and dreams into your work.

Scorpio — Today  Friends help out. Slow down and let romance develop naturally over five months, with Neptune retrograde. Rediscover a forgotten passion. Love yourself first.

Sagittarius — Practice physical routines. Neptune retrograde inspires domestic dreaming. Reconsider household possibilities. Let go of unsatisfying pursuits. Take care of yourself so you can serve others.

Capricorn — Plan an adventure. What was hidden gets revealed, with Neptune retrograde. For five months, use your heightened sensitivity to support negotiations, compromises and diplomacy.

Aquarius  Track family finances carefully. You’re especially insightful and sensitive, with Neptune retrograde. Review your income and finances. Assess your dreams and bucket list.

Pices— Collaborate and compromise. Nostalgia thrives, with Neptune retrograde in your sign for five months. Follow an old dream. Revise it to suit who you are now.


Horoscopes by Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency.

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