Weekly Horoscope

Aries Your professional stature and influence rise, with Mars direct in Capricorn. Pour energy into moving your career forward. Advance toward an exciting project.


Taurus Get out and explore your world. Travel, study, and investigate new frontiers with Mars direct in Capricorn. Words and efforts go farther now.


Gemini Cash flows in with renewed vigor, now that Mars is direct. Wipe out debt, and build up savings with this surge. Contribute to grow family fortunes.


Cancer Your partnership feels supercharged, with Mars direct in Capricorn. Collaborative actions have greater power. Take on big goals and dreams. Together, you can do anything.


Leo Power into physical activities and practices, with Mars direct in


Capricorn Nurture your health with high-quality foods and medicine. Steady action gets fabulous results.


Virgo Put your action and energy where your heart is. Your passion is on the rise, with Mars stationing direct in Capricorn. Romance builds to a crescendo.


Libra Put your back into home renovation, beautification and repairs. Your energy builds for domestic projects, with Mars direct. A little paint goes a long way.


Scorpio Communication lines flow freely, with Mars direct. Get the word out to promote an inspiring possibility. Polish and edit public statements. Creative projects flower.


Sagittarius Get a turbo boost for your income, with Mars direct. Your career surges ahead. Find efficiencies, and apply them for increased ease. Pursue lucrative projects.


Capricorn A personal ambition flowers, with Mars direct in your sign. Use your superpowers for good. Pour energy into realizing a dream. Dress the part.


Aquarius Plan your moves in detail. Clean, sort and organize, with Mars direct in Capricorn. Pursue reflection, introspection and peace. Meditate on health and healing.


Pisces Coordination amplifies your reach, with Mars direct. Teamwork fans a spark into flame. Act for a community cause. Direct energy toward a matter of heart.


Horoscopes by Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency.