Weekly Horoscope

Aries  Make an important professional connection. Slow to avoid pitfalls or accidents. Your view ahead widens. Keep your steady pace and avoid distractions. Take new territory.


Taurus Discover a peaceful refuge and sink into it. Avoid expensive frivolities and conserve resources. Changes along the road could cause delays. Explore your surroundings and options.


Gemini  A shared dream seems within reach. Unexpected circumstances could delay a planned action. Focus on foundational structures, and make sure the pieces are in place.


Cancer Negotiate a sweet deal with your partner. Increase efficiency by coordinating tasks. Stay in communication, and adapt plans to reality on the ground.


Leo  All isn’t as it appears. Notice physical limitations or barriers. If it hurts, don’t push it. Use gentle pressure rather than force. Adapt practices to conditions.


Virgo Love takes priority. Focus on enjoyable activities and people. Charm and persuade another to play. Discover an imaginative solution together. Make changes for the better.


Libra List and draw your domestic fantasies. Ask your family for theirs. Focus on realizing shared dreams first. Keep basic structures in good repair. Play with color.


Scorpio Talk about dreams, visions and long-term plans. Coordinate with your circles. You can find what you need. Share resources, talents and opportunities. Create possibilities in conversation.


Sagittarius Watch where you’re going. Profits are available; don’t tromp on anyone. Stay in communication to navigate tricky spots. You can get what you need.


Capricorn (Pursue a personal dream for satisfying results. Adapt to changes. Let go of outdated tricks or techniques. Stick to reliable routines. Get energized and inspired.


Aquarius Settle into reflection. Consider dreams, visions and future plans. Complete the past to free yourself for the road ahead. Curb the desire to rush.


Pisces Coordinate team efforts. Get help building a shared dream. Repay favors and remind people of your appreciation. Practice and play your part with gusto.