Weekly Horoscope

Aries Your fun could get disrupted. Don’t fall for a trick or rely on a false assumption. Avoid arguments. Relax close to home and family.


Taurus An obstacle or a barrier blocks an intended domestic outcome. Rather than take on heavy lifting or an expense, ponder possibilities instead. Imagine and plan.


Gemini Edit and revise work done before. Launch, publish or promote another day. Polish and beautify your presentation before going public. Resolve rough spots.


Cancer Estimate and create budgets. Revise numbers carefully to avoid a dispute. Take future appreciation into account. Guard against impulsive behavior. Keep spending low and rest.


Leo  Discover a road block with a personal project. Don’t present unfinished work. Slow to take time for yourself. Avoid unnecessary quarrels. Wait for developments.


Virgo Pay attention to dreams and visions. Stay home rather than going out. Let your mind wander. Something that doesn’t work now will later.

Libra Develop and refine your team strategy. Create a solid backup plan. Wait for an obstacle to clear. Avoid risky business. Stick to reliable routines.


Scorpio Review and plan before advancing. Competition may be fierce. A professional challenge deserves thorough study. Consider options and possible consequences. Breathe deeply.


Sagittarius Confusion and delays could disrupt your travels. Find somewhere comfortable to wait. Monitor conditions to anticipate changes. Complications could arise. Allow extra time for transfers.


Capricorn Balance shared accounts, and pay bills. Financial tangles could cause delays and frustration. Slow down and step back when needed. Avoid gambles. Keep your cool.


Aquarius You and a partner don’t agree on everything. Let the small stuff go. Avoid silly arguments. Prioritize love over money. Keep your sense of humor.


Pisces Guard against breakage, technical glitches or mechanical failure. Don’t force things; stop when you reach the limit. Prioritize health and wellness. Nature revitalizes your spirit.


Horoscopes by Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency.