Weekly Horoscope

Aries All may not go as expected on your team. Travel is better tomorrow. Harmony requires patience. Don’t show unfinished work. Pull together for common gain.


Taurus Career opportunities have your attention, although distractions abound. Uninvited guests or unplanned circumstances could disrupt. Tell the truth, and stand your ground. Take charge.


Gemini Your exploration could take a different direction. Unscheduled deviations could cause delay or disruption. Gentle pressure works better than force. Look for hidden beauty.


Cancer Pay bills, and handle financial obligations. Keep a cushion for the unexpected. Confirm intuition with hard data. Avoid jealousies or arguments. Stay in communication.


Leo Collaborate with your partner to navigate unexpected changes. You don’t have the full picture; wait for developments. Share your views, and support each other.


Virgo Put love into the details. Invest your work with passion. Steady practice grows your strengthen and skills. Let criticism roll off your back. Keep showing up.


Libra Relax, and enjoy the company. Distractions abound; avoid travel or expense. Go for substance over symbolism. Fun doesn’t need to be expensive. Picnic with someone sweet.


Scorpio Focus on home and family. Make repairs or improvements to manage an unexpected change. Consider long-term plans. Tend your garden with love.


Sagittarius The answer you seek is nearby. Practice your creative skills. Listen to other perspectives. Anticipate changes. Make a mess, and clean later.


Capricorn Extra cash is available now. Surprises could erupt. Make backup plans in case of bad weather. Wait for better conditions to make a big purchase.


Aquarius It’s not a good time to gamble, especially with personal matters. Don’t worry about money or spend much, either. Hold your temper, and maintain your advantage.


Pisces Hide away in peaceful privacy to get productive. Consider how to adapt to recent changes. Look at a puzzle from a different angle



Horoscopes by Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency.