Weekly Horoscope

Aries Balance your work and health for growing strength. Schedule carefully. Follow your intuition on timing. Jump on a great opportunity if you find one.


Taurus Consider an outrageous request. Someone attractive surprises you. Make time for fun and relaxation over the next few days. Enjoy the ones you love.


Gemini Home pulls you in. Enjoy cozy treats. Adapt with flexibility to unexpected changes. Provide an open ear for a family member who needs to talk.


Cancer Study the situation. Analyze and consider what needs to change. Listen and learn. Writing and creative projects blossom over the next few days.


Leo Potential profit arises today and tomorrow. Make sure your savings is secure. Replenish reserves, and don’t overextend. Catch a lucky break when it appears.


Virgo You’re strong and growing stronger. Maintain physical practices and routines. An unexpected bonus falls into your lap. Take advantage of a happy accident.


Libra Savor peace and quiet for a few days. Consider a challenge. Make plans and priorities. Complete old projects, and prepare for what’s ahead.


Scorpio  Team projects go well today and tomorrow. Have fun together. Brilliant ideas come in from your network. Listen to your loved ones, especially children.


Sagittarius A professional deadline has your focus through tomorrow. Your work is under review. Push for the best possible outcome. Money saved is money earned.


Capricorn Explore and investigate a fascination. Study and learn new methods. Keep an open mind and a flexible schedule. Make an amazing discovery.


Aquarius Changes necessitate budget revisions. Strategically plot your moves. Grab a lucrative opportunity, and collaborate for mutual benefit. Allocate resources to make things happen.


Pisces Sink into an unexpected harmony with a partner. Romance is a distinct possibility. Discover a fascinating opportunity together. Have faith in your own abilities.


Horoscopes by Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency.