Weekly Horoscope

Aries  Take actions on personal plans laid earlier. Postpone a financial discussion. Respond to all mail and calls. Resolve any disagreements before they grow.


Taurus  Indulge nostalgia, retrospection and reflection. Contemplate potential outcomes. Consider what you want to say in an upcoming conversation. Take notes. Talk later.


Gemini Move on a lucky opportunity to advance against fierce competition. The team comes around to your way of thinking. Stand patiently for what you see possible.


Cancer Invest your time, energy and money for future career benefit. Listen to your heart. Follow rules closely. Take advantage of a lucky break.


Leo Actions speak louder than words. Study, research, explore and investigate. Avoid a conflict of interests. Stand firm for a cause. Good news benefits your objectives.


Virgo New information spurs action. Review shared investments and finances. Reaffirm a commitment. Cooperate for mutual gain. Be sure to thank those who contribute.


Libra Keep your agreements, especially with your partner. Do what you said you would. Show your commitment and appreciation.


Scorpio Physical exercise and action get results. Learn from an expert, and listen to your coach. Discipline is required. Avoid controversy. Work on the details.


Sagittarius Consider your romantic history. You can overcome an obstacle. Adapt to changes. Someone finds you attractive. Share your heart through your actions.


Capricorn Avoid a domestic fuss and clean a mess. It’s quicker and easier to handle it than to argue. Support your family with elbow grease.


Aquarius  Catch up on reading. Writing projects can advance beyond expectation. Exceed your goals by reducing distractions and maintaining forward momentum.


Pisces Backstage action produces satisfying results. Don’t argue with a wise suggestion. Do the work that nobody sees. Postpone important conversations. Repay a favor.



Horoscopes by Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency.