Weekly Horoscope

Aries Focus on career, and stick to basics. Balance your work and health this month, with the Sun in Virgo. Revise fitness goals, practices and supports.


Taurus Explore fresh horizons. You’re especially lucky with love and romance this month under the Virgo Sun. Have fun together. Learn from children.


Gemini Collaborate on shared financial decisions. Put energy into domestic renovation, beautification and diversions this month, with the Sun in Virgo. Prioritize family matters.


Cancer Act on long-term plans with a partner. This month favors communication under the Virgo Sun. Write, record and express your views. Share what you’re learning.


Leo Prioritize health in your busy schedule. The profit potential rises this month, with the Sun in Virgo. Generate increasing cash flow without sacrificing your well-being.


Virgo Love rejuvenates you. Drink it in deeply. You’re the star, with the Sun in your sign this month. Harness this energy to take charge.


Libra Domestic flowering recharges your family. Peace entices this month, with the Sun in Virgo. Review the past. Clear clutter, and finish old business.


Scorpio Learn from younger people. Support and rely on your team, with the Sun in Virgo for the next four weeks. Community projects thrive. Network and collaborate.


Sagittarius  Tap additional revenue sources. Develop and grow your career this month under Virgo Sun. Step into greater leadership. Dress for success, and watch it unfold.


Capricorn Take charge for what you want. Explore new ideas, flavors and cultures this month, with the Sun in Virgo. Discover unimagined wonders.


Aquarius Think things over before launching. Monitor finances this month under the Virgo Sun. Organize and budget. Wheel and deal. Collaborate to grow shared balances.


Pisces Team coordination makes all the difference. Your partnerships grow stronger over the next month, with the Sun in Virgo. Creative collaboration flowers


Horoscopes by Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency.