Backpacking adventure to Cedar Lakes

By Riley McNew, age 10


Here’s how I got a cold this summer: I went on a backpacking trip, and when I finally made it to the top of the mountain, I fell in a lake. It was really cold!

I just wanted to get my feet wet, but I was standing on a slippery rock and what’s worse is, once I fell in, I couldn’t get back out. The rock was super slippery. The end.

Just kidding… I did get back out eventually.

On August 2 and 3, my dad and his friend decided to take my friend and I on our first real backpacking trip to Cedar Lakes. My friend Connor and I were super excited about our trip. We did it for fun and for adventure. We hiked up the mountain, spent the night there, and then hiked back down. We had to cook our own food outside in the wild and purify our own water to drink.

The best part was all of the huckleberries along the trail. Also, we got to swim, and it was fun just being in the wild.

There were so many fish in the lake, that almost every cast we caught one. Connor caught the biggest one and it was almost a foot long.

The worst part was all of the wind. Our tent actually blew away while we were putting it together. It was still fun even though it was windy, and I was happy because I got everyone to sing songs while we were hiking.

I learned that when you want to go backpacking, you should pack lightly. Everything you pack in you have to pack back out, including your garbage. This is called leave no trace. It’s important to keep the environment healthy.

Our trip was super fun, I hope you can hike to Cedar Lakes sometime too.

Photo courtesy of Zach McNew, The Montanian