Cabinet Peaks Medical Center celebrates five years

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Kate Stephens


Cabinet Peaks Medical Center (CPMC) officially opened its doors in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014, and is proud to be celebrating its fifth anniversary this month.

“We are so incredibly honored to have served this community as Cabinet Peaks Medical Center for the past five years, and as St. John’s Lutheran Hospital for 62 years before that,” said Kate Stephens, Marketing Manager at CPMC. “Since 2014, our service line has grown immensely and our patient volumes have sky rocketed. We are so grateful for a community that puts their trust in us as healthcare providers and that utilizes the local services we offer right here in south Lincoln County.”

Since opening the doors to their new facility, CPMC has seen 4,471 inpatients on the acute care, intensive care, and swing bed units. Additionally, 523 new lives have been brought into the community in the obstetrics department. On the outpatient side, the past five years has brought with it 5,161 surgeries; 28,695 emergency department visits; 84,060 imaging procedures; 333,953 laboratory tests; and 8,415 chemotherapy and infusion visits.

The medical center has incorporated many new services and programs to accommodate the healthcare needs in Lincoln County including Senior Life Solutions, an intensive outpatient therapy group program designed to meet the needs of adults over 65 struggling with depression and anxiety. The number of laboratory tests offered at CPMC has increased by more than 50 – immensely shortening the amount of time it takes for providers and patients to receive their lab results from three days down to only a few hours in many cases.  The medical staff at Cabinet Peaks, which includes active medical staff, visiting physicians, allied health professionals, and telemedicine providers, has increased from 73 to 104 in the past half of a decade.

Additionally, Cabinet Peaks now owns and operates three separate clinics: Cabinet Peaks Clinic – Family Medicine, Cabinet Peaks Clinic – OB/GYN, and Cabinet Peaks Clinic – Bull River, which have experienced over 185,000 patient visits since opening.

“In addition to growth at the medical center itself, we are proud to have taken substantial and much needed steps to help fill the primary care shortage that our county experienced for several years, as well as bring new specialists to our area,” said Stephens. “Our clinics have been up and running since 2016 and we are continuing to grow our service lines and locations to better serve the needs of our communities.”

Services currently available at those clinics include primary care, urgent care, obstetrics, gynecology, and wound care.   Soon, behavioral health, pediatrics, and internal medicine will be added to the growing list of offerings.

In the past five years, CPMC also began the Medical Mentorship Program for area high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, and has developed a strong partnership with Flathead Valley Community College – Lincoln County Campus allowing local nursing students to experience their clinical rotations without leaving town. The goal is not only to educate these high school and college students, but to give them the chance to see and participate in rural healthcare.

CPMC also continues to have a strong focus on quality. A patient family advisory council has been meeting regularly in an effort to hear more about the patient experience from patients and their families so that any potential problems can be corrected and good news can be celebrated.

Since opening the doors CPMC has received several awards for the quality, compassionate care offered there.  These include three consecutive Mountain Pacific Quality Hospital Awards, four PIN Improvement Quality Awards, two Stroke Awards, and the highest honor, an iVantage Top 100 Critical Access Hospital award.

For more information on the services offered at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, call 283-7000.