Cabinet Peaks says thank you

Submitted by

Kate Stephens


Cabinet Peaks Rehabilitative Services would like to thank the Roundup for Safety Board of Directors, and the co-op members contributing to Roundup for Safety for your generous contributions toward the purchase of a new treadmill for our Libby Rehab patients.  The treadmill is providing a safe and effective means to allow patients to gain strength, balance, and mobility when recovering from or preventing injury and dysfunction.  This is allowing them to be safe with their mobility in the community, enjoying the great opportunities Libby has to offer.

Thank you again for your consideration and contributions in support of the safety of the residents of Lincoln County and specifically those served at Cabinet Peaks Rehab.  We are greatly appreciative of the Roundup for Safety program.

Photo of new treadmill for the CPMC Rehabilitative Service. Photo courtesy of Kate Stephens.